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Profile: Levon MacReive by HumbleLittleNarrator Profile: Levon MacReive by HumbleLittleNarrator

General Information

First Name: Levon
Surname: MacReive
Nickname(s): Lee, Stupid Ginger, Changeling Prince

Age: 17 years old | 27 years old (TYL)
Date of Birth: December 4th
Race: Human
Nationality: Irish
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Hometown: Dungarvan, Ireland
Current Residence: New York City (Midtown Manhattan), United States

Sound and Voice

Traits of Voice: Calm and soothing without being monotone.
Special Traits: Thick Irish accent
Other Languages Known: Irish Gaelic, Swedish, Latin, basic French, basic Japanese, and limited Italian
Sounds Like(s): Rick Gomez (Zack Fair, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)

Physical Appearance

Height: 182.88 cm | 6'0"
Weight: 72.5 kg | 160 lbs
Eye Color: Light Blue
Distinguishing Features: Seemingly untamable red hair, come hither eyes
Build: Tall and lean, has a somewhat muscular build
Hair Color: Dark red
Complexion: Pale
Scars: None
Tattoos: Bear claw on his right hand | Celtic knot band on right upper arm
Piercings: Three in each earlobe | three in the helix cartilage of the left ear, two in the right | Two piercings in the right eyebrow | Monroe in the left of the upper lip

Signature Item(s):
Faerie Ring: A silver ring that features an ornate serpent coiling protectively around a semi-transparent indigo crystal known as the Odin’s Eye. It is the symbol of the Hidden People and establishes Levon as the Grand Master.
Knot Belts: Though he owns many varying in different designs, Levon often wears belts bearing Celtic knots.

Makeup: None
Glasses/Contacts: Wears glasses when either reading or working.

Personality: Ardent and honest with his own brand of chivalry; Levon is a practical and optimistic young man with a quick wit and a seemingly ever-calm demeanor. A bit of a boy scout, he seems to be in love with the idea of playing the hero and will refuse to lie for the sake of it. But, though he tries to be sensitive, he can often be dense to the feelings of others and can be unintentionally selfish in his actions. He is very straightforward and says exactly what is on his mind. Therefore, he is often tagged as being tactless—though he never deliberately means to hurt or insult anyone and can even seem bewildered when he actually does. It’s also very rare to see him lose his odd cool. When his patience is at its limits, oftentimes the most he will do is raise his voice—rarely resorting to violence. Strange enough, he does happen to enjoy rough sports like rugby and boxing and has shown signs of being a natural scrapper. He also has a somewhat inquisitive side and is quite observant and always seems to be reading into people’s actions and reactions. If something catches his interest, he plans to find out more about it and will pursue it if he wants it. Boredom makes him very miserable

Other Traits:
• Stubborn
• Very spiritual (Pagan)
• Trained in playing the violin
• Vegetarian
• Sits in high places (like in trees or on rooftops) when he wants to think or just be alone.
• Clenches his jaw when tempted to lie.
• Has an overwhelming desire to see the good in all people and often ignores the sins of someone’s past. Due to this he usually gives the impression that he’s naïve.
• Though athletic and strives to keep himself healthy, he enjoys an occasional smoke and can go through about a pack a week.
• Carries a sharpie pen around and writes notes on his pants, somehow finding it more convenient than paper.

Likes: Sports (especially rugby), thunderstorms, astrology, reading, sweets, and music.
Dislikes: Monotony, being doubted of his honesty, alcohol, hot weather, greasy foods and alarm clocks


Dying Will Flame: Mist Flame | Ascending Flame of the Secret

Flame of the Secret
- Characteristic: Rún (Secret Wisdom, “Rune”)
- Ability: Sight
- Description: One of the seven peculiar “Ascending Flames” with abilities that include precognition and the ability to manipulate the reality within a set territory. This power also extends to the ability to use mirrors for enhancing illusions and even using them as doorways for quick transportation—though this ability is actually physically exhausting to the user. But the characteristic of “Sight” may also assault the user with a usually irrepressible gift of sight, causing constant and often cluttered visions.

Fighting Type(s): Swordplay | Illusions
Weapon(s): Broadsword | Scottish Claymore | Mirrors

Additional Notes:
• The Flame of the Secret’s ability to bestow a gift of sight onto the user has a side effect of chronic migraines which often makes concentrating difficult. A user cannot pick and choose an event in the past, present or future at will and it takes an extreme amount of focus to see one vision more clearly than the clutter of others.


Occupation: Thirteenth Generation Grand Master of the Hidden People

The Hidden People: On the far edges of society, for over eight hundred years, a secret ‘coven’ of sorts has hidden behind the whimsy of fairytales. They are the silent watchers of humanity and keepers of dead gods united under the archaic pagan beliefs of the Nordic and Celtic people by a mysterious Swedish monk known only as ‘Vandraren’. Their goal is simple—they will deal in antiquities, they will seek out and collect and use whatever means necessary to gather and protect knowledge as their patron god, the All-Father Odin, had. In their efforts, they can only hope to one day “turn darkness into light”.

Affiliation(s): Vongola Famiglia | Kokuyo Gang | Vintilla Family | Hae Sik Family
Personal Goals:
• To live by the creed of his adopted people and fulfill his duties as the Grand Master.
• To obtain the power he needs to pull his mother back to consciousness.

Back Story

Levon was born in the town of Dungarvan, Ireland to young working-class parents, Jack and Abanelle O’Connel. Though they were far from a picture perfect family, overall they seemed contented. But, even though he would never intentionally harm his family, Jack suffered from a violent temper that only got worse with his increasing consumption of alcohol. The harder his job became, the more he drank—which only led to more unpredictable anger.
Because of this, Levon developed an early hatred for alcohol. When he saw his father drink, Levon believed it turned him into a monster. But Levon was never alone. His mother, Abanelle, was a steady, ever-gentle presence in his life and she and her son were rather close. When Jack’s temper flared, Abanelle was always there to counter him, calm him down and set him straight.
Unfortunately, by the time he was seven years old, Levon learned at an early age that one moment, one act can change everything. One night, in the midst of a heated argument, Jack had violently shoved Abanelle, causing her to accidentally bump her head against the wall. Almost immediately, after registering what he had done and out of fear of his own temper, Jack stormed out of the house to cool down, leaving his wife and young son alone.
Neither Jack nor little Levon had any way of knowing of Abanelle’s preexisting condition. In that one act of violence, Jack had accidentally triggered the rupture of an aneurysm in Abanelle’s brain.
Not even Abanelle, herself, knew. Suffering from a terrible headache, she decided to lie down for the night, resulting in her suffering from a stroke and slipping into a coma during the night. It was seven-year-old Levon who discovered her the next morning. Too young to truly understand just what was happening, little Levon desperately tried to wake his mother up before finally calling for help.
Abanelle was rushed to the hospital. Upon hearing of his wife’s condition, Jack was immediately wracked with guilt. But scared, confused and angry little Levon instantly turned the blame on his father, accusing him of hurting his mother… and going as far as wishing his own father would die.
Then Levon ran away. He didn’t go far, just to the park, not too far from the hospital. But he left without knowing just how hard his own words would hit Jack—especially when Jack had learned that poor Abanelle’s condition may be irreversible.
On his own, little Levon’s own fear and anger got the better of him. He began to cry and upon seeing a collection of empty beer bottles left behind in the park, he took it out on them. He threw the glass bottles, breaking them—and accidentally hitting a passerby in the head with one.
Little did Levon know; he had just assaulted the Twelfth Generation Grand Master, Aiden MacReive, of the secret society that Levon would come to know as the Hidden People. Rather than be mad (though he had, at first, scolded the boy), Aiden soon saw how heartbroken the little boy was. He spoke gently to the boy, learning of Levon’s situation. He soon returned the boy to the hospital, where Jack was nowhere to be found.
Out of concern for the lonely little boy he had met, Aiden returned the next day to check up on Levon and Abanelle where he learned that Jack had never returned to the hospital and had, in fact, left his young son to spend the night alone with his mother. But upon talking to the boy again, Aiden learned of Levon’s strange ‘dreams’. Levon revealed that he tried talking to his mother through his dreams, but he could never reach her because she was always “too high”.
Instead of shrugging this off as a child’s method of coping, Aiden began testing the boy, therefore discovering that little Levon had untapped abilities. His curiosity getting the better of him, Aiden found himself spending a majority of the day with little Levon, playing little ‘games’ with him to see just how powerful those latent talents would be. He believed he saw potential.
But as the day passed and Jack remained missing, Aiden began to grow concerned. Having been mistaken for Levon’s grandfather by a nurse, he soon learned that, in a drunken grief, Jack had committed suicide. Levon was alone.
Though Aiden had tried to explain in a way that a seven-year-old boy may understand, Levon seemed to know just what had happened. He blamed himself, believing his own words killed his father.
Sinking into despair, little Levon turned to Aiden, begging him to save his mother with his “magic tricks”. Aiden sadly told Levon that there was nothing he could do. He did not have the power to pull Abanelle back to consciousness. But in his own desperation for a successor, Aiden decided to strike up a deal with the boy. He would save Levon’s mother from the hospital and put her under the care of the Hidden People if Levon would agree to become his apprentice.
When Aiden promised him the power to save her, little Levon couldn’t refuse. It was then that his new life amongst the Hidden People began. But Levon was not the most popular choice in a successor to the title of Grand Master. Having been born outside of the society and soon known for the temper he had inherited from his father, he soon became known as the ‘Changeling Prince’.
But Levon began working his heart out—his life revolved around his studies and the honing of his own abilities. He struggled to learn how to suppress that horrible anger and, with the help of the Twelfth Generation Serpent Guardian and Levon’s most dedicated tutor, Tobias Wroth, he soon channeled his frustrations into learning how to play the violin. But it soon became clear that he was not learning at the pace that was expected of him. He wasn’t a prodigy, but the Hidden People had little choice in who would take Aiden’s place.
Aiden’s age was finally catching up to him and by the time Levon was twelve years old, Aiden had to step down and allow Levon to take his place as the Grand Master of the Hidden People. Unfortunately, young Levon was considered nowhere near ready for his position, even if he had become more accepted and even admired for his perseverance. So, for a majority of his life, even as Grand Master, Levon had been tutored, trained and refined.


Abanelle O’Connel: Levon’s sweet-natured mother. Before she suffered a stroke from a brain aneurysm, she and Levon were very close. Even with the knowledge that her comatose state may be irreversible, Levon seems to find difficulty in letting her go. Levon seems to have inherited many of her mannerisms and ever-calm demeanor.

Jack O’Connel: (deceased) Levon’s gruff, but loving father. Though hard-working, he was a man with a love for drinking and had a violent temper. Because of this, Levon has vowed to never drink alcohol and fears his own anger. Levon blames himself for his father’s tragic suicide.

• N/A

• N/A

Florena LeBlanc: The lovely boss of the mysterious Unseelie organization. The first moment she saw Levon, she swore that he would be hers. Levon is unaware of her obsession but is repulsed by what she stands for.

Aiden MacReive: (deceased) The Twelfth Generation Grand Master. Though Levon never quite picked up Aiden’s eccentric mannerisms, he finds himself quoting Aiden and following his philosophy on a daily basis. Levon admired Aiden and looked up to him as if he were a second father.

Pangur Bán: A mischievous white ragamuffin cat whom Levon would consider his best friend. Levon is hardly ever seen without the loyal Pangur—as he is more often called—by his side. Pangur also shares some control over the Flame of Mist with Levon. He was named for the Old Irish poem Levon’s mother often read to him.

Mara Kettle: The lovely Thirteenth Generation Guardian of the Horse and a Lady of the Hidden People. But due to her being the daughter of the Twelfth Generation Horse Guardian and suspicions of a possible romance between her and Levon, it is often said that her position was handed to her—but, as with the other Guardians, she is dedicated and hard-working. Her and Levon are rather close and seem to get along extremely well. Levon does not attempt to hide his admiration towards her, but usually considers her nothing more than a friend.

Sabine Lieffson: The stoic Thirteenth Generation Guardian of the Goat and Levon’s sworn big sister. She is a trained healer amongst the Hidden People and has been studying to become a legitimate doctor. Though she comes across as cold and even frightening due to her size and liking for biker chic, Sabine is a gentle person and one of the closest people to Levon. She is the one that taught Levon swordplay and was the first to become one of his Guardians.

Kaderine Hemlin: The headstrong Thirteenth Generation Guardian of the Raven and Levon’s right hand. Though their ideas of strength differ, she and Levon seem to share a strong sibling bond and at times Kaderine can seem a bit overprotective of him. Levon tends to tease Kaderine, being one of very few people who have seen her somewhat softer side.

Lousha Maguire: The spunky and chipper Thirteenth Generation Guardian of the Bear. Being the youngest of his Guardians, Levon treats her as his little sister and often spoils her. She seems to be naïve and neglectful of her duties and seems to be more interested in meddling in her “big brother’s” love life.

Chloe Black: The no-nonsense and at times moody Thirteenth Generation Guardian of the Wolf. Though more distant than the other Guardians and often prefers to be left alone, her rarely-seen affectionate side only seems to show when she is with Levon or Lousha—and during those times she can be seen as clingy and often spouts witty remarks.

Murdoc McCabe: The cynical and somewhat egotistical Thirteenth Generation Guardian of the Serpent. Though fiercely loyal to the Hidden People, Murdoc always seems to be following his own agenda. Though he and Levon have been known to butt heads, they both tend to work well together. Their difficult relationship aside, Levon is happy for the male companionship while a majority of his Guardians are, in fact, female.

Fergus Kettle: The Twelfth Generation Horse Guardian and Mara’s doting father. Levon likes to look at this boisterous, jovial man as a sort of ‘fun uncle’. Fergus is one of two Twelfth Generation Guardians that stayed behind to tutor Levon.

Tobias Wroth: The Twelfth Generation Guardian of the Serpent and former aspiring rock star—though many find the dreams of his past a bit surprising do to his no-nonsense attitude and, at times, strict focus on Levon’s studies. Levon looks up to him as a good friend and admires his intelligence.

Jyung Mi Hi: A sweet, five-year-old girl from South Korea that Levon adopts as his apprentice. Levon adores little Mi Hi and is rather excited about stepping up to a father role—unfortunately he can seem a little overwhelmed at times and can be a bit of a pushover. Mi Hi loves Levon dearly and the two seem very close.

Reborn: Reborn, being who he is, is one of few people that know of the existence of the Hidden People. Levon was even surprised with just how much Reborn knew. Though he has knowledge of the Arcobelano, Levon had never met one before his first encounter with Reborn. Usually, Levon approaches Reborn with respect.

Tsunayoshi Sawada: Levon often compares Tsuna to a bunny rabbit, finding him cute and can’t help but think of him as a kid. However, the two seem to get along quite well. Tsuna appreciates Levon’s more easygoing nature and admires Levon’s attempts at normalcy despite his position. Meanwhile Levon shows a lot of respect towards Tsuna’s strengths despite his age and more ‘useless’ qualities, often finding they have a lot more in common than he first thought.

Chrome Dokuro: Levon sees Chrome as a girl that needs to be spoiled, often offering to take her shopping and buying her expensive clothes and gifts. Chrome often seems flustered at Levon’s kindness and often tries to avoid him. Levon often refers to her as “Sweet Girl”.

Fran: Levon finds Fran strange, borderline annoying and often blatantly calling him “Strange Child”. Though he more often finds Fran intriguing and is often curious to how his strange little mind works. Fran, on the other hand, finds Levon to be the strange one and often pokes fun at him.

Ken Joshima: Though Levon tries to be his usual friendly self, Ken mistrusts him and is often snappy with him. Ken does not like the interest Levon seems to take in Mukuro and can come across as defensive. He also harshly mocks Levon, often referring to him as the “Stupid Ginger”. Oftentimes, Levon ignores Ken’s snippiness.

Chikusa Kakimoto: Levon’s attempts at friendship are usually met with indifference with Chikusa. Though appreciative of the lack of insults, Levon still met with the same mistrust Ken displays. However, Levon is seldom disheartened and still tries to remain friendly towards Chikusa.

M.M.: Again, Levon is met with indifference when it comes to M.M., though sometimes he can sense her hostility. Like Ken, M.M. strongly disapproves of the interest Levon has taken in Mukuro but has taken the step to confront Levon about it. She was the first to warn Levon about Mukuro’s character, though her intentions as to why seemed more spiteful.

Love Interest:
Mukuro Rokudo: Levon has a rather complex relationship with Mukuro, born from Mukuro’s desire to possess Levon’s body—or, if anything, the power of the Odin’s Eye. The two seem to read each other, both often feeding off the tension between them. The Mist Guardian instantly catches the young Grand Master’s attentions. Levon finds Mukuro alluring and soon becomes infatuated with him. As the two begin their game of witty banter and testing out their temperaments and abilities, they soon find themselves gravitating towards one another. As Levon’s curiosity for his tempter begins to turn into something more, it is uncertain whether or not Mukuro truly feels the same.

Young Joon: The boss of the Hae Sik Family, Joon would be considered Levon’s first serious romantic relationship. The two share deep feelings for one another and tend to complement each other in personality. Though, at times, Levon’s interactions with Joon show how starved for love Levon really is. Meanwhile, Joon finds difficulty in accepting his relationship with Levon due to his past love interest. Though they remain together for quite some time, their relationship almost seems purely sexual in some ways and ends on a heartbreaking note for Levon.

Fun Fact

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius, the Archer
Animal Theme: Cardinal | White Ragamuffin Cat (Panguar Bán)
Stone Theme: Ruby
Element Theme: Air
Flower Theme: Daffodil (Chivalry)
Theme Song(s):
Savior by Black Veil Brides
Remember Everything by Five Finger Death Punch

Joon, Mi Hi and Hae Sik Family © *xXMusicoftheHeartXx
Vintilla Family © *TrollerBridge
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and all mentioned characters © Akira Amano

:iconnewlaplz:And a big special thanks to =Dino-Pirate for coloring and =tigerbites for giving me some much-needed critique!
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PunkAngel892 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome! So much depth, I love it! Very well developed. Makes me wish I knew him in real-life. I could only imagine how much time he took to create. I want to see more of him now. And I love the choices of theme songs, I have the second one on my mp3. Great job, overall. :iconclapplz:
HumbleLittleNarrator Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much!

It actually took me months to develop him to what he is today. I plan to write a fanfiction with him and his family along with a few villains me and my friends thought up, but it's still in the thought process and not really anywhere near being written down yet. Though I do plan on posting more about Levon and his family soon - especially their family flames and crests.

:iconlainloveplz: I'm really, really flattered that you like him. You have no idea how happy that makes me after all the work I've done designing and developing him!
PunkAngel892 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome~!

God! Months? Hmm, I think I can compare but I haven't picked up the pen(cil) in roughly four years. And I still don't think my characters are 3-D enough. I get what Mary Sues/Gary Stus are and all but I still don't feel satisfied with my characters. More power to you because I could have never done anything so in depth especially with a fan-character.

Sweet, though. I actually want to read up more on Levon and his family. I can't wait to see what the crest looks like. May I ask for a link of the first chapter when you've written it?

No problem. Glad I could make your day. He truly is a unique and well-developed character.
HumbleLittleNarrator Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
XD I am very dedicated when it comes to making characters. I keep working at them until I'm satisfied, whether they're oringinal characters or fan characters. And I'm happy to help out if you need any advice on character creation.

I'll be sure to make some sort of announcement when the first chapter of his story is up. For now, I still got a few extra details to work out, especially with the enemy family.
PunkAngel892 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dedication & Perseverance. *scribbles down on a notepad*

I think I need help on some original characters' development; that's all. And we kicked out (back in June or July) a God-Mode Gary Stu and his creator who both put so many holes into our plot & story, it wasn't even funny. So now we're not only trying to prevent any successors of said Gary Stu, we're trying to improve/develop all the characters in general, whether they're minor characters, re-appearing characters or the main characters.

Sweet. Alrighty then. Can't wait to see him. I can almost see him as a real person.
hinachanz Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Is there a story somewhere about this guy that i can read, cause if there is then I want the link for it so badly D:
HumbleLittleNarrator Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
D: I'm working on a story for him, actually. I have ideas, but I don't want to plan anything until the current arc of the manga is over.
hinachanz Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Well when you do write your story you have to give the link to it, where ever you end up uploading it, because I'd be interested in seeing if you can write Levon as well as you draw him~
HumbleLittleNarrator Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Well I am a writer, dear. Professional-to-be. I'm a little more confident in my writing skills than I am with my drawing.
hinachanz Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Student General Artist
Lol, well then it should be good. I hope, honestly, that it comes to writing soon because I am quite eager to see how the story goes.
LadyMischievous Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
He's pretty impressive! His back story is awesome and I love the amount of thought you seemed to put into this character! Very well done, Stini!
HumbleLittleNarrator Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:icondummyloveplz:Thank you, dear~!
PENELOO Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
very nice ^^
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I love his backstory its so well done
HumbleLittleNarrator Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:la: Thank you~
emilyk949 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist
firead Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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Does that mean it's done?
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It will be officially finished tomorrow. eue But you're playing pokemon so there's no rush to finish~
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TigerBites Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012
He's so awesome! I just wana draw him~!
HumbleLittleNarrator Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*u* I would be very flattered if you did~! :tighthug:
TigerBites Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012
Pft I'm totally falling in love with this character XD

(Not literally, obviously XD)
HumbleLittleNarrator Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:squee: Thank you so much~! :hug: And thank you so much for your help~!
TigerBites Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012
Aw no problem! You did most of the awesome work ;P
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